Itel Office

Itel Office is a contact management application with computer telephony integration. Surprise your callers by knowing who they are, their name, how they interacted with you in the past, before you even pick up the phone.

What will Itel Office do for me?

Customer experience
Let the computer lookup who is calling from their telephone number (caller ID) so you are organised and in control before you even pick up the phone.
Because the computer is doing the work of looking up each contact record and placing you where you want to be, then you are encouraged to save important data to a proper record for future use. The data you save is easily found again by a search or indeed the telephony finding the record again when the customer calls again.
Time saving
Itel Office can automate a lot of the basic admin work. The contact calling in can be found by their telephone number.
If you are storing contact information reliably in a database then you will over time build up a picture of your contact. What they like and what they don't like. Of course, you have to usefully use this information, but having it readily available is the first important step.

OK, so what is it exactly?


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