Itel Office for UK PSTN - Screenpop by CallerID

Get your computer to do all the work and find the calling contact for you via our Itel Office screenpop by caller ID technology. If this contact has called before, then all the information can be at your fingertips. If the caller hasn't called before, then Itel Office will help you add it to your address book.

Itel Office supports the Comet CTI USB Caller ID box which can be used with the UK public switched telephone network, PSTN. This hardware allows Itel Office to screenpop the caller based on their caller ID. Note that this Caller ID device does not support telephone networks outside the UK.

The Itel Office for UK PSTN software product supports the Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems

If you using a voice over IP, VOiP, system or are not in the UK then we don't currently have a product that meets your needs. Check back in 2021 for future releases.


If you plug your telephone into a wall port and the telephone plug looks like this: BT connector

then this product is suitable for your environment.

Click on the links below to view a photograph detailing how the components fit together.

Physical connection photo: physical connection photo
Physical connection diagram: physical connection diagram

Some screenshots

Contacts view: contacts
Call log: call log
Import from CSV file: import from csv file

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Using a headset with Itel Office